Cobra Stellar Stiletto

Cobra Stellar Stiletto


Streaking through the atmosphere at Mach 20, its plasma guns and deep space missiles aim to blast the G.I. Joe Defiant out of orbit!

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Product Description

Complete Cobra Stellar Stiletto includes Star-Viper pilot and features 2 “SLICE” (Supersonic Laser-firing Interceptor) dual-purpose missiles, 2 “STRIKE” DK-87 long-range data-link missiles, and a “Stiletto” pin-point engine-diverted laser. Produced in 1988 by Hasbro.


This is a vintage piece with wear appropriate to an item of its age.

Vintage Commercial

Cobra Stiletto’s giving Joe the chase, then blasting its way into outer space!

About the pilot

A STAR-VIPER is a qualified Cobra STRATO-VIPER with an electro-magnetic shunt surgically implanted in the right side of his brain. During high-speed, upper-atmospheric dog-fights, electronic impulses are introduced through the shunt, stimulating the reflexes while heightening awareness for split-second decisions.

“Star-Vipers are exceedingly dangerous in action! They routinely execute fast maneuvers with insect-like efficiency. However, they are referred to as ‘Jolt-Heads’ by their fellow Cobras and are known to be distracted and generally disoriented between missions.”